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The everyday tools we choose for school and work can say as much about us as our favorite t-shirt. Here's to everyone whose week goes better with their favorite pen in hand, and all of us who long for endless aisles of notebooks to pick from.

33 Books Co

About 33 Books Co.

"I have a hop vine tattoo covering most of my right arm," says beer geek Dave Selden. Born and raised in Iowa, Dave went to art school, detoured through journalism school and finished college with two degrees in three years. The first job he landed was in Portland in 2001, and he’s been a graphic designer ever since.

"After hours," he says, "I did what most people who work in advertising do — I drank. And then I blogged about it." PR firms began inviting him to "beer events," and he needed a way to keep track of his tasting notes after trying over a dozen beers in one night. He put his visual skills to work and created a beer tasting journal ... which led to a wine journal, and a coffee journal ...

"Now, 13 years later, Selden has now created more than 30 books chronicling good things to eat and drink in Oregon and beyond, and 33 Books Co. became his full-time job in 2013. He and his family live just outside Portland in the Columbia River Gorge, where Dave loves to run, make beer, grow apples, and fight fires (he's a volunteer with Corbett Fire), but not usually all at the same time.

Landmarks Unlimited

About Landmarks Unlimited

Like many Oregonians, Wesley Ballew spent time during the pandemic exploring our beautiful state. "During lockdown, my partner and I set out to travel around Oregon and see some of the beautiful landscapes that we hadn't had the chance to see," says Ballew.

"Throughout our travels around Oregon, I wanted to find a way to commemorate my adventures through small souvenirs but I felt that whatever I purchased didn't quite fulfill the purpose." With the encouragement of family and friends, Ballew learned vector art and grew the idea of elevated and beautiful travel gifts into the Landmarks Unlimited brand.

His focus is on products that tell a story and, when displayed as a collection, form an art piece. Landmarks Unlimited's collection includes enamel magnets and pins, washi tape, stickers, journals, matches and more.